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Registration of Flocks

Any North Country Cheviot flock owner can apply for registration through the Society Secretary.

An applicant for Flock Registration must:

a) become (if not already a member) a member of the Society (Annual Subscription £15).
b) own a flock of North Country Cheviot Sheep which are eligible for registration.
c) provide, on the official application form, a list of the Registered Flocks in which the males and females to be registered were bred.
d) agree to pay to the Society a Standard Flock Fee, as determined by the Society (at present £10 per annum).
e) agree to pay to the Society a Ewe Registration Fee, as determined by the Society (at present £0.06 per female breeding sheep per annum).
f) agree to pay to the Society the stipulated Ram Registration Fee for each ram not previously registered.
g) agree to have the flock inspected, if the Council so requires.
h) agree to pay any reasonable out-of-pocket expenses incurred by the inspectors, if required to do so.
i) agree to abide by the rules of the Society.
j) submit the necessary fees with the application.

Rules and Regulations

Ram Registration
1. Every owner of a Registered Flock shall, before the 1st day of December in each year, upon the Society's official form for recording in the Flock Book, make a return of his Registered Flock, with a note of the sires being used. This return must be in the hands of the Secretary by the 15th of December. Entries received after this date will incur a surcharge of £15.

2. Every sire used in a Registered Flock must be individually registered and entered in the Flock Book. The Registration Fees are:

All Bought-in Rams
(unless previously registered with a number and name).......... £5 per ram
Home-bred (individually named)......................................... £5 per ram
Home-bred (not named) .................................................. £2 per ram

Flock Rules

3. All replenishments of ewe stocks must be from Registered Flocks and the lambs, gimmers or ewes so replenishing the flock must have been tattooed or tagged before leaving their breeder's possession (but see rule 9).

4. On acceptance for registration, each flock shall be given a flock number which shall be retained by that flock for as long as it is a Registered Flock.

5. Every owner of a Registered Flock shall each year by the 1st day of November, tattoo or tag in the left ear of each ewe lamb born that year which he means to retain in his flock and such other ewe lambs as he thinks fit, his own registered flock number, the Society's official tattoo mark and a letter indicating year of birth. This letter shall be notified to the owner each year. All ram lambs must be tattooed or tagged by the same time in the same way, but, in addition, they shall have an individual number ( 1, 2, 3, etc.), and the letter indicating year of birth, tattooed or tagged in the right ear. This number shall start at 1 each year.

6. Breeders of ram lambs to be tattooed or tagged must keep a private register showing the sire of each ram lamb and the flock number of the dam.

7. This register must be retained and be available for inspection at any time by the Secretary of the Society or other person authorised by the Council.

8. The Council of the Society reserves the right of, at any time, ordering the inspection of any flock or sheep belonging to any member of the Society. The issue of Export Registration Certificates shall be conditional on the inspection and approval by the Council, or a duly appointed panel acting in their name, of all sheep for export.

9. The Council may, and shall from time to time, send an inspector to witness the tattooing or tagging of lambs. The owner of a Registered Flock, on being asked by the Secretary, must inform him of the date on which the tattooing (or tagging) is to be carried out. In such cases the Secretary must have two clear days notice of the tattooing (or tagging).

10. The Council may decline any entry.

11. No entry either of flock or ram shall be received from a member whose subscription and fees for the current year have not been paid.

12. Failure to make any return will result in the flock of sheep being inadmissible for registration.

13. All members offering North Country Cheviot Sheep for Show or Sale must have them clipped bare in accordance with the Bare Clipping Rule. The Society reserves the right to inspect any sheep bare clipped and shall carry out random checks each year.

14. No riggs shall be exhibited or sold at any principal show or sale held under the auspices of the Society.

15. Hill Register rams can be used on Park Register flocks and all such rams must be tattooed (or tagged) in the left ear with the letters "NCH" followed by the Flock Number of the flock where they were bred.

16. At the Ram Sales each year there will be a levy for the Society, at present £2 per cent, with a minimum of £3, collected by the Marts on all rams sold.

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