North Country Cheviot Crosses


Prolificacy & Quality Lambs - 'the best of both worlds'

The Cheviot Mule - the progeny of the Bluefaced Leicester ram and the North Country Cheviot ewe - is a high performance ewe ideally suited to cost-effective prime lamb production.

The prolificacy and milkiness of the Bluefaced Leicester along with the hardiness and thriftiness of the North Country Cheviot results in an easily kept top quality commercial ewe.

The Cheviot Mule crossed with the Down or Continental terminal sires produces fast-growing prime lambs of superior conformation and finish.

Lambing Percentages (live lambs born/ewe to ram)*
Cheviot Mule Gimmers 176%
Cheviot Mule Ewes 200%

*SAC 1997



A Quality Cross Ewe for Prime Lamb Production

Effectively combines the best characteristics of sire and dam -

From the NCC
Hardiness and Thriftiness

From the Beulah
Mothering and Milkiness

Use with a terminal sire for first class prime lambs finishing at 35-40 kg after 12-16 weeks

can be sold draft after 5/6 crop

A 'Low Depreciation' Sheep


For Superior Prime Lamb Production

Used with Down and Continental terminal sires to provide fast-growing lambs with the ideal carcase for home and export markets.

Lambs can be finished at a range of weights and still retain leanness and conformation.

Half Bred ewe lambs from high health status flocks suitable for the commercial producer available at sales in Caithness and Scottish Borders from early August onwards

Lambing Percentages (live lambs born/ewe to ram)*
Half Bred Gimmers 181%
Half Bred Ewes 203%

*SAC 1997









*SAC 1997

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