The North Country Cheviot is a big, long rugged sheep which combines thriftiness and healthiness with prolificacy and strong maternal qualities. The breed is particularly suited to grassy hills and uplands.

Head and Face
White, well covered with fine hair, free from blueness or brown. Ears, of fine length and thickness, well covered with white hair, and coming out from the head at an angle of about forty-five degrees from the horizontal with good width between. Nose, straight to slightly Roman. Good width between eyes, broad muzzle, and wide, black nostril well open. Head, long, with deep underjaw. Eyes, dark, fairly big, bright and alert. Wool well up to back of cheeks and under throat and to back of ears but not between.
The male is sometimes horned, but the horn must be free of black colouration.
Strong, big at base, well set in at shoulders and of medium length.
Deep and wide.
Long, deep and wide. Back, straight with good width between shoulder blades and no falling off or slackness behind them. Belly and flanks well covered with wool. Ribs well sprung. Tail, broad and well woolled.
White, of fair length, set well apart and coming down straight from the four corners of the body, with strong flat bone and well defined hocks. Hooves, black, of good strength and pointing straight forward.
White, of good staple, free from curl, hair or kemp. Not hard, but has a spongy feeling when grasped.

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