General Information

he North Country Cheviot (NCC) is a hardy and versatile native breed which thrives in all parts of the UK (and in many overseas countries).

Noted for its consistency and reliability, the breed has much to offer the sheep farmer today, whether aiming at the home or overseas market.

 There is a keen demand for all classes of stock - rams, ewes and lambs.

  • NCC Rams have consistently proved their worth as crossing sires, particularly with other hill breeds.
  • The ewes make first class mothers, with lambing percentages ranging from 90% on the harder hills to 170% and upwards on low ground.
  • A special feature of the breed (and its crosses) is that both male and female lambs are in constant demand - ewe lambs for breeding, pure or crossed, and wether lambs for quality carcases which retain leanness and conformation right through from late summer to early spring.
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