Lairg Hill North Country Cheviot Show

Horrendous weather conditions didn’t deter farmers and crofters from all over the North gathering in Lairg Mart for the annual Hill North County Sheep Show on Saturday 2nd November 2019. 

Paul Spencer, Rhifail and local auctioneer with Dingwall & Highland Marts Ltd, judged the 167 entries in 18 classes.  Overall champion was an aged tup from Badanloch, Sutherland and reserve was Ose Farm, Skye with an untrimmed gimmer. 

Young handler champion was Dhaill Mackay (age 8), Greenland, Caithness with a black female cheviot.

Paul said “there was a great entry of hill sheep that are a fantastic advert for the breed.  The champion is an outstanding animal.”

Results –

Aged Ram

1st Badanloch
2nd, Suisgill
3rd Suisgill

2 Shear Ram – Trimmed

1st Badanloch.
2nd Langdale
3rd Badanloch.

2 Shear Ram – Natural

1st Langdale
2nd Suisgill
3rd Torrish

Shearling Ram – Trimmed

1st Badanloch
2nd Langdale
3rd Suisgill

Shearling Ram – Natural

1st Inkstack
2nd Suisgill
3rd Badanloch

Ram Lamb

1st Ose.
2nd Millhouse
3rd Ose

Ewe – Trimmed

1st Suisgill
2nd Balnakeil
3rd Ali Robertson

Ewe – Natural

1st Ali Robertson
2nd Suisgill
3rd Ali Robertson

Maiden Ewe

1st North Loch Naver
2nd Suisgill
3rd North Loch Naver

Gimmer – Trimmed

1st Ose
2nd Ose
3rd Suisgill

Gimmer – Natural

1st Ose
2nd Suisgi
3rd Millhouse

Ewe Lamb

1st North Loch Naver
2nd Millhouse
3td Badanloch

Black Female Cheviot

1st Torrish
2nd Millhouse
3rd Helena MacDonald

Young Handlers 8-11

1st Dhall Mackay
2nd Kaiden Robertson
3rd Duncan Mackenzie

Young Handlers 12-15

1st Jaimie MacKinnon
2nd Iain Matheson

Overall Young Handlers

Dhaill Mackay

Young handler champion Dhaill Mackay, Greenland, Caithness in the ring with his black ewe and his dad Joe.










Male Champion

Badanloch – Aged Ram

Reserve Male

Inkstack  – Shearling Ram

Female Champion

Ose – Untrimmed Gimmer

Reserve Female Champion

North Loch Naver  – Maiden Ewe

Overall Champion

Badanloch – Aged Ram

Reserve Overall Champion

Ose – Untrimmed Gimmer

The Lairg Hill North Country Cheviot Sheep Show champion 2019, aged tup from Badanloch, Sutherland.

Show winners:Jan Mackenzie, North Loch Naver, Dhaill Mackay, Greenland, High Mackenzie, Badanloch, Neil Montgomery, Ose, Tina Robertson, Inkstack and Paul Spencer Judge..

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