Caithness Sale Report 2020

The Annual Sale of North Country Cheviot sheep took place at Quoybrae Auction, Caithness on Friday 18th September 2020, well sort after rams were a good trade with the sale top at £4100.

Lot 63 first in the ring from Alan Simpson, Cairnside Anchorman sired by Biggins Warrior & out of a Cairnside ewe by Longoe Statesman sold for £4100 to JA Armstrong, Leam & heads home to Northern Ireland.
Closely following this was Lot 45 Bardnaclavan Ace at £4000, a Wester Tamnavulin son, he joins the Cairnside flock of Alan Simpson & Overton flock of J & M Crowe in a half share. Jonnie Campbells pen also had Lot 44 Bardnaclavan Armani at £3300 to A Mackay, Balkeith, Lot 48 Bardnaclavan Apache at £2400 to D Campbell, Mill Farm & Lot 50 Bardnaclavan All Gold at £2100 which heads to Wales to join G Davies, Brefi flock in all selling 10 to average £1830.
Lot 74 Durran Ace sired by Biggins Wizard & out of a Durran ewe by Bardnaclavan Terminator was purchased in a half share by DN Campbell, Bardnaclavan & J & J Smith, Upper Cornquoy for £3600 
Two rams sold for £2200, Lot 16 Sebay Almighty a Harestone Woohoo son, again sold in a two way split, joining the Bardnaclavan & Upper Cornquoy flocks & Lot 82 Longoe Admiral sired by Balkeith Vital Spark & out of a Longoe ewe by Smiddyquoy Ransom, stays in the north with Andrew Gunn, Dounreay.
In all 10 rams sold to £2000 & above with plenty more at good commercial money.

Averages –

54 rams (down 4 on the year) averaged £997.59 (+£166.04)

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Lot 63 Cairnside Anchorman from AG Simpson, Cairnside £4100

Lot 45 Bardnaclavan Ace from DN Campbell, Bardnaclavan £4000








Lot 44 Bardnaclavan Armani from DN Campbell, Bardnaclavan £3300

Lot 74 Durran Ace from DJ Allan, Durran £3600








Lot 48 Bardnaclavan Apatche from DN Campbell, Bardnaclavan £2400

Lot 82 Longoe Admiral from The Queen Elizabeth Castle of Mey Trust, Longoe £2200








Lot 16 Sebay Almighty from JS Baillie, Sebay £2200

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